Metabolic Testing

What is VO2 max?

VO2 max, otherwise known as maximal oxygen consumption, is the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense aerobic exercise. A VO2 max test is performed on a treadmill or bike while being connected to a machine that is able to analyze your expired air while exercising. This test will give you information about how efficiently your body uses oxygen and burns fat. Metabolic testing is essential for people wanting to lose weight because with this information, we can determine how your body burns fuel. This test guides us to calculate exertion levels corresponding with calories burned from fat and carbs, along with total calories burned. Also it measures specific caloric output at each heart rate helping us pinpoint the optimal heart rate range for you to be exercising in. With that information, we can manage your diet and exercise habits to make smart decisions to support your lifestyle goals. 

Benefits of VO2 max testing:
  • Accurate measurement of current fitness levels
  • Ability to personalize an effective training program focused on your goals
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of training program 

What is Resting Metabolic Rate?

A resting metabolic rate (RMR) test is a noninvasive but highly accurate way of determining daily calories needed to maintain your current body mass. This test will determine the amount of calories your body burns during rest. The activity tracker that you might be using like an apple watch or fitbit is proven to not always be accurate so you can’t rely on it to help you reach your weight goals. Having this professional test done and receiving accurate information will give you a better understanding of how to reach your goal weight. This data can also tell you if your metabolism is slow, normal or fast on the spectrum, along with being able to compare the data to other people of your same sex, age, height and weight.

Benefits of RMR testing:
  • Understanding how many calories you need to consume to lose/maintain/gain weight
  • Accurate data compared to fitness trackers or other calculations
  • When RMR is monitored, you can know how your body is responding to weight loss plans/what to do when hitting a plateau

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