Keto Support

Keto Support

Know for sure with a KETONE MONITORING in KATY, TX

Is Your Body Responding to Your
Weight Loss Efforts?

When you don’t see weight loss results right away, you might start wondering whether your efforts are even working. Vivacity Wellness Clinic can find out if your body is burning fat with a ketone monitor. Ketones are organic compounds made in your liver. When your body doesn’t have enough carbs, it burns fat, instead. That process releases ketones. By monitoring your body’s ketones, you’ll know whether your efforts are paying off. Contact Vivacity Wellness Clinic in Katy, TX now to ask about our ketone monitor. We use the Ketone Blood Level Monitor to track your ketone levels and help you make changes to your diet, if necessary.

What is the Ketone Diet?

Vivacity Wellness Clinic offers a variety of tools and resources to help you begin the keto diet. When you build up enough ketones in your body, you enter a state called ketosis. Ketosis can reduce your cravings, improve your cholesterol levels and increase weight loss. The keto diet keeps your body in ketosis by:

  • Reducing your carb intake
  • Cutting out sugars
  • Reducing your protein intake
  • Increasing your fat intake

Speak with a wellness specialist in Katy, TX today about starting the keto diet. We’ll use the LEVL breath machine to track your progress.