Get a Liver Ultrasound by Fiboscan in KATY, TX

Understand the Health of Your Liver

Your liver is responsible for filtering toxins out of your blood, creating proteins and helping your body with digestion. If your liver accumulates too much fat, it won’t function properly, and you’ll be prone to all kinds of health issues. Vivacity Wellness Clinic in Katy, TX features a FibroScan liver ultrasound machine. You can use our machine to perform a full scan of your liver and check for scarring and fat tissue. Stop by Vivacity Wellness Clinic today to learn more about FibroScan. You can come in for a liver ultrasound at your convenience.

Make Sure Your Not at Risk For Liver Disease

FibroScan can monitor your liver for psoriasis, fibrosis, steatosis and other issues. When you come in for a liver ultrasound, we will:

  • Go over the process with you
  • Complete the ultrasound in just a few minutes
  • Print out your results
  • Walk you through them
  • Create a wellness plan to reduce your health risks

Call 361-237-3976 now to speak with a wellness specialist in Katy, TX about a liver ultrasound. We also offer free body composition analysis.