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Athena Scherffius

Athena is a 43 year old wife and a mother of seven. While originally from West Tennessee, she moved to Texas a little over 2 years ago. She actually was as a patient with the Vivacity Wellness Clinic through the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program.

Athena says, “I successfully lost 117 pounds on this program, something I have never been able to do for over 20 years. Because of the success and encouragement from Dr. Verma’s staff, it inspired me to become an Ideal Protein Coach to help others achieve goals they thought were impossible”.

She is also pursing an MA degree to help her as she coaches others on their health and wellness. “I’m very passionate about helping others to reach their goals and feeling the best they possibly can. I know the results of achieving those goals and it is my goal to help others do the same. I look forward to walking with others through this weight loss journey!”