Frequently Asked Questions


When we set up a consultation with one of our patients, we bring them into our office to talk with them. We talk to them and get a brief history of their health and eating habits. We then walk them through the program, what steps are involved, the food that is available, what to expect with the plan, good eating habits, and ways of preparing their food in a healthier way. If they choose to sign up, we will weigh and measure them and do a body composition analysis for them. Then they will begin a journey of healthy living.

To know if you possibly have a Vitamin B-12 deficiency, look for these symptoms:

– Weakness, Tiredness, or Lightheadedness
– Heart Palpitations & Shortness of Breath
– Pale Skin
– A Smooth Tongue
– Constipation, Diarrhea, Loss of Appetite, or Gas
– Nerve Problems Like Numbness or Tingling, Muscle Weakness, and Problems Walking
– Vision Loss

Vitamin B-12 is found in meat and dairy products and plays an important role in the growth and replication of cells and the functioning of the nervous system.

Those at higher risk of developing Vitamin B-12 deficiencies are those of bariatric patients and those practicing a vegan diet. Bariatric patients are at an increased risk of developing a B-12 deficiency because they have had their digestive tracts altered in such a way that it will interfere with the way the body naturally absorbs this vitamin.

Those that stick to a vegetarian diet- one that excludes all animal products, have a greater chance of developing a B-12 deficiency. B-12 is not found in any plant food but is abundant in many meats and fish, and in smaller amounts in milk and eggs. This makes it difficult for those on a vegetarian diet to get the necessary amount that they need.

If you show some or all of these symptoms, go to your physician and request a blood test which will confirm if you are suffering from a B-12 deficiency.

Body composition analysis is the method of describing what the body is made of, differentiating between fat, protein, minerals, and body water to give you an overall view of your health.

Yes, we do offer wellness coaching services, which equips you with a personal wellness coach. With a lot of diets and weight loss programs, you are left on your own, without the knowledge and encouragement that you need to stay focused and motivated. With our coaches here at Vivacity Wellness Clinic, we are much more involved in our patients weight loss journey. We are there with them every step of the way. We offer nutritional information, give cooking ideas to stay on track with the protocol, we answer any questions the patient may have, and most of all we give continual encouragement to not give up but reach their optimal health goals. We truly care about our patients and their well being.

A fibroscan is a specialized ultrasound machine for your liver. It measures fibrosis (scarring) and steatosis (fatty change) in your liver.

Here at Vivacity Wellness Clinic, we are dedicated to helping our patients in Victoria and Katy, TX reach their weight loss goals, to achieve optimal health and to develop life- long healthy eating habits. We take each one of our patients needs into consideration and really work with them and provide the knowledge they need to succeed. We try our best here at Vivacity Wellness Clinic to make each one of our patients feel special and let them know we genuinely care for their well-being. We always try to go out of our way to provide support and encouragement throughout their journey with us.

Scheduling an appointment with our wellness coaches is always a good idea. This will ensure efficient care on our part and you will be able to get in at timely manner. With our patient load, we try to ensure your wait is minimal.

Here at Vivacity Wellness Clinic we always try to work with the patient and their schedule. If you let us know your particular situation we will do our best to work with you if possible. We do have patients that come in every other week. We do our best to make our patients welcome and comfortable and to do our best to bring satisfaction to our patients.

Here at Vivacity Wellness Clinic we offer a variety of products. With the Ideal Protein Program there are plenty of choices for every person. From shakes to chocolate we have something for every taste. As far as knowing what would work for you, its just a matter of trying out the products and seeing what fits your taste and lifestyle. Also, with a thorough consultation, we can usually recommend a choice that is most fitting for your individual needs. We have food products you cook and some already prepared for a busier lifestyle. Unlike a lot of your other weight loss food, Ideal Protein food is delicious and filling. The best thing to do is to try it and decide for yourself what will suit your individual tastes and will keep you on track that is suitable to your life. We look forward to working with you and helping you start this wonderful journey!